Sugarcane Juice 甘蔗汁 Notebook by Tuck Ming x Elaine Pang x ATGAB

Sugarcane Juice 甘蔗汁 Notebook by Tuck Ming x Elaine Pang x ATGAB

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Chia Tuck Ming X Elaine Pang collaborated to present some of the uniquely signature local drinks you can get in a Singapore Kopitiam/Hawker Centre which comes in the creative imagery of code words or lingo when you want to customize your drinks. The fabric is an original art print on neoprene. Original artwork painted by Tuck Ming and embroidery stitches by Elaine.

Sugarcane Juice 甘蔗汁 is the syrup extracted from pressed sugarcane; it is a thirst-quenching and refreshing drink.

- Notebook with 80pages (blank or lines)  
- Elastic band
- Eco-felt lining 
- Non-toxic PVC outer layer

Width 16 cm 
Length 22.5 cm

About the collaboration

These artworks were created for an exhibition - Locality. Memory, Reconstruction, seeking to raise funds for elderly living with dementia. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Sree Narayana Mission Nursing Home. We want to include the artist with special needs and empower them to be part of something meaningful, because they do not have to always be in the receiving end. 

*A portion of the sales goes back to Tuck Ming and Sree Naryana Nursing Home.

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