Broken Tiles || Selma X Jie Wei

Broken Tiles || Selma X Jie Wei


The Broken Tiles ||

Waxed and painted by Jie Wei

Designed and illustrated by Selma

2018 Watercolour, batik and marker on poplin

40 X 50cm (with frames)

Rediscovering the patterns of peranakan tiles through a playfrul exploration of waxing and ink.

About the collaboration

These artworks were created for an exhibition - Locality. Memory, Reconstruction, seeking to raise funds for elderly living with dementia. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Sree Narayana Mission Nursing Home. We want to include the artist with special needs and empower them to be part of something meaningful, because they do not have to always be in the receiving end. 

*A portion of the sales goes back to Jie Wie and Sri Naryana Nursing Home.

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