Artist: Leong Sijun, 13
Medium: Mixed Media On Strawboard
Measurements: H29.7 X W42cm

The antelope has the ability to adapt and survive, thriving in the harsh conditions of the dry desert. A reminder to us to be watchful and discerning in all of our endeavors and adventures.


About the Artist

Sijun was born with Down Syndrome. He spent the first few months of his life, in and out of the hospital due to congenital heart conditions. At 16 months, his dad passed away after losing the battle to cancer. A month later, Sijun’s health deteriorated and he had to undergo surgery. Thankfully, when he turned 2 years old, his condition stabilized. As a toddler, Sijun was not keen on toys. He preferred drawing his surroundings and emotions on pen and paper. Sijun has produced many beautiful art pieces since then and has presented his work to special guests at various events.

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