Nurturing Creativity for Your Child’s Development


Did you know that creativity could help develop the potential of your child towards success in life? Being creative allows everyone to have an outlet to express thoughts, opinions, and feelings when they feel like there is no one to count on or when they feel voicing it verbally isn’t part of the option. Thus, as a parent, you can help to nurture creativity for your child’s development – and it can be possible through art engagement.

Creativity for the children is very important. This will help them to have the discipline for themselves while learning the basics of life. Being said, here are some of the tips to help nurture the young creative minds.

Encourage Art Activities

Arts can be a creative expression, which nurtures your child’s imagination – it is not a lesson to follow the directions. By engaging them through drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, clay, and other types of medium, art can be a great way for the children to make decisions, express ideas and share emotions. And by allowing them to manipulate the art materials, they are able to get a sense of liberty and encourage focus and concentration.

Artistic activities, at the same time, develop your child’s fine motor skills, as well as hand-eye coordination. Art activities also build confidence because through it, the children can acquire a sense of mastery on the materials used, resulting in a new creation.

Spend More for Time Outdoors

Not all things can be learned in four corners of the room. Get them outside and discover something new. At a young age, allow them to see the beauty of nature. Let them have an appreciation to the place they live. This will serve as their inspiration to be creative, especially when doing artistic activities. You may notice, most children are painting flowers, trees, seas, animals and other things they can see outside. There are many benefits of taking your child’s imagination outside the box. Make sure that children get the highest guidance when doing this activity.

Seek Professional guidance

If you see that your child possesses the interest in art, help him/her develop the skills and abilities by enrolling to an art school or engage an art teacher; this will take his/she creativity to the next level. When you take it to professionals, you will be amazed at the result in no time.

All good things could be learned, especially when you build the foundation at a young age. Having fresh mind and body to embrace the changes and diversities on their surroundings, the children can easily adapt all the things that come on their way. They are innocent, so you can use this to get themselves creative on the things they do. At this age, good things will take place between the child and the mentor. When the children have orientation while they were young, they were able to see things positively without complaining about it. While on this case, the mentor himself won’t have a hard time to nurture creativity to the children.


EducationShaun Yap