How Art Education Install Curiosity And Inspires Creativity in Children

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Children are curious and can be inspired by so many things around them. They can be curious by leaves fall from the trees or how lights affect the colours of an object. They explore the structure of objects and animals and classify their similarities and differences or identify their unique features. Curious children not only ask questions, but also actively seek out the answers. When they are curious with an object, the possibility of them digging deeper into it and learning takes place more effectively when it is self-directed. Art learning can also inspire them not only to become creative thinkers but also to become a better version of themselves.

Research has even shown that curiosity prepares the brain for learning, it is just as important as intelligence in determining how well children learn and perform. It was also reported that a well-rounded education would never be complete without the involvement of art.

Art education would not only be essential during their childhood days for it can also be essential to them even during their adult years. As a matter of fact, people of all ages can find therapeutic relief from art activity, especially as it allows them to express themselves and it would surely be great to instill that to children at a young age. As compared to before, art has become something that is more than just moving your fingers to paint or putting blocks of clay together. It has become something that encourages one to observe closely and think critically during the process of making.

Through art learning, children are able to do things on their own, they are encouraged to explore and experiment with new things to prove their hypotheses, improve their motor skills and manipulate with materials. They also get to discover the talents that they never knew they had. It also teaches them that mistakes are bound to happen and it’s a matter of how you deal with it. Through art making, they can explore different ways to solve a problem. So art learning is not about making children into great artists but it is part of the child ‘s development and growth mentally, emotionally and socially.  In addition to that, art is also related to math and sciences, so they are actually building connection of the knowledge they possessed and strengthening their understanding on various different areas at the same time.

After all, educating children is not only about encouraging them to memorize things, pass the exam and graduate from school but it is also about teaching them how to solve problems, cultivate their creativity, work alone and work with a team, something that art education is capable of teaching them. In other words, the goal that every parent out there should have is to help his or her child succeed not only in school but in life as well.


Contradicting to what most people think that creativity is something that runs in the blood or is something that children inherits from their parents, that is not always the case. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of art learning if proper platform, opportunity and guidance are provided.

Shaun Yap