BE is spearheaded by 7 passionate women from different walks of lives. They crossed paths and became good friends while spreading the love of making art through teaching people. They believe one could express who they were, whom they thrive to BE, their hope and dreams, through art.

BE comprises of these artists: Art Sam, Elaine Pang, Lully Crooelly, Karen Lesslar, Ocean.G, NanC Pey and Selma Bamadhaj.


BE aims to create a community of creatives regardless of background to support elderly with Dementia.

In the upcoming exhibition, members of BE has each partnered with art buddies who are people with specials needs, and the students from Northlight School Art Club. BE believes that with this collaboration, they empower people with special needs and let them feel a part of a bigger purpose in raising funds for elderly with Dementia.

The exhibited artworks will be sold onsite or offsite. A part of the initiative goes to the artists with special needs for their sustenance and proceeds will contribute to the Sree Narayan Mission Nursing Home for the elderly. This home is a place where lost and wandering people with dementia can be brought to by members of the public.


‘Locality. Memory. Reconstruction’ sought to connect different groups of people from various communities to highlight their values; and their challenges in this fast-changing society. Anchored by “BE” together with people with special needs, they have worked hand in hand to paint and create artworks that uncover  “hidden” perspectives of their home.  


Opening: 10 Nov 2018 2:30 - 4:30 pm

Exhibition Duration: 10 Nov 2018 to 1 Feb 2019


City Canvas, L3 City Gallery, The URA Centre (45 Maxwell Rd, Singapore 069118)

Art and Hui Zhen.jpg

Art Sam x Hui Zhen

Sunarti Samat, also known as Art Sam sees beauty and loves all mother nature creation such as beautiful landscapes and animals. Art is a self-taught photographer. She believes in capturing memories through the lens. Art enjoys painting on walls, drawing and sculpting. She has been exploring basic mediums such as acrylic, watercolour, oil pastel, charcoal, paper mache, clay and batik. Venturing into the vast art forms has broaden her perspective to create new styles and unique work of art. For the past 8 years, apart from teaching, Art has done a few wall murals for schools, office and homes. With that passion, “Artmooves” was created. Hoping to create more works on the walls and uplift the street art in Singapore.

Huizhen is a pleasant girl with a quiet disposition. She loves drawing and is very meticulous in detailing her illustrations. During her free time, she likes to explore applications on her mobile phone to uncover her creativity and create designs she likes. Like most artistically inclined personnel, she faces challenges in managing her emotions and gets frustrated easily. To counter this, she seeks refuge by putting her focus on her art. When she is able to achieve perfection in her work, it gives her a satisfaction that allays her fears and anxieties.


Elaine Pang x Chia Tuck Ming

Art is the most important part of Elaine's life. She has incorporated design to different types of crafts and products since 2004. Elaine graduated with a Diploma in Design Communication from Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts and a Degree in Multimedia Bachelor of Arts from Curtin University of Technology. She is currently working as a freelance art teacher and designer. Elaine’s desire to promote green initiatives began in 2004 when she first started scuba diving. By immersing herself with Mother Nature, she decided to merge her conservation efforts with her crafts. She put together unwanted materials and transformed them into exciting fashion accessories and lifestyle products. All Things Green And Beautiful ( was thus born. Elaine enjoys exploring different types of materials and incorporating the patterns and textures into her works.

Tuck Ming (27 years old) enjoys the company of friends; he has a positive and cheerful nature. He volunteers his time to serve others and be of as much help to people as possible. Tuck Ming is an animal lover, he has hamsters, rabbit and a dog at home. He would like to work in a pet shop if given the opportunity.

Jack Cushion Cover 2.jpg

Artist: Karen Lesslar x Jack Ong

Born in Malaysia, Karen Lesslar hails from a family of talented self-taught artists and musicians and was exposed to the world of artistic expressions from a young age. She fondly recalls awakening to the smells of oil paints from her uncle’s room and a jamming session going on in another. A graduate from LaSalle College of the Arts Singapore, Karen has worked in the fast paced world of the Design Industry until she rediscovered the calmness and therapeutic waves of painting. She has been an Art Educator for 10 years and takes pleasure in unleashing the inner child in each of us.

Jack, 7 years old, enjoys painting and expresses his thoughts through art. He started painting 1.5 years ago and through art making, he is able to self-regulate and be more focus on task. His has learned to interact well with his classmates through art, drama and play.

Huda and Shalom.jpg

Lully Crooelly and Shalom Ng

Huda goes by the moniker Lully Crooelly. She enjoys painting patterns and portraiture. Her current artistic involvement is creating surface design for local modest street chic brand, Lully Selb. In her art making, Huda has explored video art, photography, mixed media collage, printmaking and painting. The nagging need to paint spurs her to paint instinctively, thus using it as a means to record her various aesthetic inclinations. In her paintings, she laid out her favourite coloured patterns. Apart from making art, she is also teaching art to kids of various age groups. Huda graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts.

Shalom (21 years old) enjoys painting, he first starting painting words that he likes in vibrant colours; the word “Joy” is his unique signature of his identity. He first explore painting acrylic on canvas about a year ago when he was invited to participate in an art exhibition and he picks up the technqiues very fast. Painting is now part of his daily activity.

Ocean Bok Loong Shalom .jpg

Ocean G. x BokLoong

Ocean Goh has been involved in design and comics for many years before devoting her time to art education and practicing her arts. After graduating from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, she went on to Vancouver Film School to pursue animation study. Joining the creative team at a comic/ character design creative house (FUNics Productions) years ago exposed her to comic production and teaching. Her training in visual arts and animation contributed to her whimsical style; a montage of cartoony and realistic elements.

Bok Loong (24 yrs old), diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, always impressed people with the intricate details of his work. He gets very detailed in his drawing and is often seeking to be perfect. Bok Loong learns comics and enjoys creating digital arts, he also like to discuss different aspects of current affairs and life in general.

NanC Sijun Chalmers.jpg

NanC Pey x Leong Sijun

NanC Pey x Chalmers Wong

NanC was born in Singapore and resides more than two decades in Taiwan and Shanghai. She was immersed in vibrant Taiwan art scene and has been trained in various mediums and art forms. Her works have gained recognitions in several international exhibitions held in Japan, Taiwan and China. NanC was the author of “The world of Fairies” paper sculpture book (1999). She has been an art educator since 1995 and she believes that “Everyone is a SEED that can be nurtured and germinated into a BIG TREE when given suitable conditions and opportunities.”

Sijun was born with Down syndrome. He spent the first few months of his life, in and out of the hospital due to congenital heart conditions. At 16 months, his dad passed away after losing the battle to cancer. A month later, Sijun’s health deteriorated and he had to undergo surgery. Thankfully, when he turned 2 years old, his condition stabilized. As a toddler, Sijun was not keen on toys, he preferred drawing his surroundings and expressed his emotions on paper. Sijun is now 14 years old and has produced many beautiful art pieces for exhibitions and sales through online platforms. He has presented his works to special guests including Mr and Mrs Lee Hsien Loong, Ms Denise Phua, Mr Desmond Lee, Ms Grace Fu, Mr Lim Siong Guan, Ms Elim Chew and was featured in a charity launch with David Beckmann held by MBS.

Chalmers, a happy and joyful boy who is talented in the spectrum of ARTS, he enjoys drumming, painting (caricature drawing, Chinese painting) and sand art. Chalmers also likes sports and games like bowling and swimming. He is fast in picking up skills that are taught to him. During working, he is focus and diligent.

Salma and Jie Wei.jpg

Selma Bamadhaj x Cai Jie Wei

Selma knew from a young age that she would end up in the creative world. Her 2 passions are Art and Fashion. Selma won a scholarship and graduated from Nafa with a BA in Fashion Design. She recently co-founded Lully Selb, a modest street wear line together with Lully ( above artist ). She met Lully while being an art educator, teaching people from ages 4 to 12. Selma is a self-taught artist and has experimented with oil, acrylic, watercolour and pencil sketching. Being in fashion, her art expression is heavily inspired by textures, patterns and forms.

Jie Wei (30 years old) left the mainstream school after being diagnosed with a learning disability in Primary 2. But till today, she maintains a hopeful attitude towards her future. Jie Wei learned the traditional art form of Batik printing. Now she creates beautiful floral artworks.

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